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National Library of Luxembourg.

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About the National Library of Luxembourg

The National Library (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, BnL) is Luxembourg’s largest cultural, scientific and research library. It is a multifunctional institution that strives to enhance the value of its collections on a national and international level.


The BnL contributes to the knowledge society by facilitating access to information, offering a variety of resources based on the needs of researchers and society.


The BnL coordinates a network of 85 libraries. It aims to boost quality, share best practices and drive innovation in library management.


Through the sharing of open datasets, tools and APIs, the BnL fulfils one of its many missions: it provides free access to the broadest possible public using the newest technologies.

Open Data at the BnL

Data is a raw material that comes in different sizes and formats. However, people need tools to work with the data and developers need APIs to build great applications with ease. At the BnL, we cover all three aspects.

Open Data

Following its Open Data strategy, the BnL started to release a large variety datasets. All documents are of high quality and follow state-of-the-art standards. In addition, copyright has been cleared.

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Open Tools

Over the years, the BnL has gained a considerable amount of technological experience. To share that experience, the BnL open sources software and tools that have been used and tested in its own production systems.

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Open APIs

Next to the data, the BnL also provides access to several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are ideal for developers who desire to automate tasks as well as for users who want to perform specific queries.

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How much data is open right now?

The National Library of Luxembourg is proud to provide access to a large collection of documents.
Open Data is a continuous effort and more datasets will be available over time.

Newspaper issues

Digitised pages

GigaBytes of DATA


Records (OAI_PMH)

How does it work?


First, choose a dataset or use an API that fits your initial needs. Is it your first time working with the data? You can start with a small dataset. Or, are you training a neural network? You might need a larger one.

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Second, start exploring and working with data. Feel free to refer to the Data or API section to learn more about the specific formats. We also provide open source tools that can help you get started.

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We would love to hear about what you are working on and what you have created with our datasets and APIs. Do not hesitate to contact us. Please, use #OpenDataBnL on social media. We can also showcase your work.

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