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As part of its work to facilitate access to its collections to the widest possible audience, as well as to provide tools for education and research, the National Library of Luxembourg (BnL) is publishing part of its content and metadata as open datasets.

These datasets cover different aspects of the Luxemburgensia* collections, from full-text and metadata of digitised content, to metadata about publications and authors, to lists of URLs collected by the BnL through its web harvesting campaigns. Published datasets will be described in terms of data format, licenses and possible tools or APIs.

*Luxemburgensia includes all publications published in Luxembourg, as well as those publications published abroad by Luxembourg residence or relating to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Historical Newspapers

Since 2002, the BnL has been digitising a large variety of historical documents such as newspapers, monographs, manuscripts, postcards and even posters. All digitised materials are available for viewing through its platforms and In addition, some datasets are now in the public domain and are made available here.

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Luxembourg Authority Records (Persons)

This dataset contains validated authority records from the catalogue of the library network. These records describe people associated with the Luxemburgensia collections of the BnL or of other libraries in the network.

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Luxembourg National Bibliography

The BnL compiles and distributes the national bibliography of publications collected through the legal deposit mandate or acquired in addition to the legal deposit. This dataset includes metadata for publications from the national bibliography, covering Luxemburgensia content collected at the BnL since 1988.

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List of URLs of the web collection “2017 Local Elections”

As part of its patrimonial legal deposit of the internet, the BnL regularly collects the Luxembourg web. This dataset contains the URLs of sites captured during the local elections of 2017, their description (theme, tags, other descriptive elements), and collection parameters (archiving frequency).

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